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Bhogendra Raj Dotel
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Management Division, Department of Health Services is responsible for planning, integrated supervision, information management, construction and monitoring of public health institution buildings, environmental health and waste management. The division is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation of health programs and ensures quality of health service delivery. The division functions with its 4 sections namely Logistics Management Section, Infrastructure development Section, Integrated HMIS section and Environmental Health and Waste Management Section.


  • Coordinate with relevant divisions and centers for annual programme planning.
  • Coordinate and support health institutions for the preparation of annual budget and programs.
  • Supervision of the progress of health program implementation and carry out performance review.
  • Implement quality improvement steps in health service delivery.
  • Strengthen functioning of HMIS.
  • Coordinate and manage construction activities of public health institution buildings.

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Information Technology Initiatives

HMIS helps to ascertain progress of major health programme indicators.

IMS helps in the automation and management of inventory.

LMIS automates and manages processes involved in logistics.

TSB makes it easier to search, view and download technical specifications.

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National Planning Commission

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I believe the website of Management Division, Department of Health Services is a stepping stone to unearth new avenues of information concerns of stakeholders and different actors. This website will try to bridge information gap between different actors in regard to the activities of our organization. I welcome you all to provide invaluable feedback and suggestions to make this website beneficial to everyone concerned.

Bhogendra Raj Dotel

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Information Officer
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